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On Time Freight Management – we make your transport needs simple.

When most people think of moving freight, they think of standard carriers such as couriers or Australia Post. What they don’t realise is that these carriers have very strict guidelines around what they can and can’t transport – usually around height, weight and type of goods.

So, if your freight falls outside these guidelines, how can you move it?

Different types of freight require different kinds of transport

When you’ve got a dozen pallets to deliver, or heavy haul equipment to move, you need to find a specialist carrier that can meet your requirements. But you don’t want to spend your time getting three quotes from three different companies.

This is when you call On Time Freight Management.

We have ongoing relationships with a large number of carriers for all kinds of freight and transport needs. We know who to call and what to ask for, to get you the best possible price and on-time delivery. You only need to speak to one person to get your job booked, on the road, and delivered.

How do you know you’re getting the best available price?

At On Time Freight, we know there’s a big difference between getting the best available price and the lowest possible quote. When you first start looking at your freight deliveries, it’s easy to think that the less you pay the better it is for your business. It’s one less cost to worry about.

But have you looked at the true cost to your business?

Here’s some factors you may not have considered:

  • The time it takes a person to reach reliable transport companies and read their website and reviews
  • The time it takes to register your business details on their websites to obtain an on-line quote
  • The time it takes to follow up on the on-line quotes that haven’t been received
  • The time it takes to speak with a person (or three), when they realise your freight is over-height, over-width, over-weight or over-volume
  • The time it takes the accounts department to set up a new vendor each time you use a new company
  • The time it takes the accounts department to reconcile the paperwork from multiple suppliers as it comes in at various times of the month

When you factor in the unseen costs of your transport needs, you can see they quickly add up. On Time Freight want to minimise these unseen costs, by providing you with one point of contact, that fully understands your business and it’s requirements and can negotiate the best possible price on your freight. It’s in our best interests to do so. We want you as a long-term, valued client. And we want to be your first call when you have freight to be moved.

Do you have to have a minimum spend, or minimum number of bookings with On Time Freight?

Whether you’ve got a dozen pallets to deliver every week, or heavy haul equipment to move once a year, we cater for all client freight requirements. No customer is too big or too small to phone for a quote for their needs.

Why haven’t we heard of On Time Freight before?

For over 10 years, On Time Freight has been operating as an independent logistics company in the Australian Transport Industry. We’ve been around for a long time. We’ve always operated by word of mouth referral thanks to our high level of customer service.

We have supply chain solutions, with long – term, established networks throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. We foster relationships with country carriers to ensure we can deliver far and wide.

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On Time Freight Management makes your transport needs simple
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