Do you need to move a wide loads?

Ever wondered how you move heavy haulage equipment, large machinery or steel structures?

Ever wondered how you move large machinery, steel structures and equipment?

It may look like you just organise for your wide load to be lifted onto the back of a large truck. In reality, ta lot more work happens behind the scenes. It’s why there are specialists that On Time Freight Management partner with.

 You need to know your restrictions

For everybody’s safety, there are both vehicle and road restrictions.

  • Each vehicle has its own height and weight restrictions. This means you need to have accurate details of the freight that requires transportation, so it can be legally moved.
  • Road restrictions differ from state to state, including travel times and what roads can accept wide loads.

You need to know your permits

To move an oversize load requires a number of permits. Depending on the size of the load you may need to contact state bodies or local councils to identify any scheduled roadworks, low bridges, overhead power lines or tight corners and bends that may affect delivery. You may need to organise road closures or traffic diversions. All require paperwork and permits to be completed and approved.

You may need an escort

Again, safety is paramount when moving wide loads. In some instances, your load will require escort vehicles (front and back) to clearly identify to other road users that an oversized vehicle is nearby.  Failure to provide an escort can result in hefty fines.

 On Time Freight Management can organise to move the following:

  • Over size freight (freight that is too wide, long, high or heavy for standard carriers)
  • Machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Steel structures
  • 20 or 40-foot flatracks
  • Portable buildings

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