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Pallet transport Sydney to Brisbane – Fast & Affordable Interstate Freight Transport

Skip the hassle and save time & money with our best pallet freight management solutions.

Why Choose Us for Sending Pallet Freight from Sydney, NSW to Brisbane, Queensland?

At On Time Freight Management, we ensure pallet transport from Sydney to Brisbane is as easy as pie. As one of the top-rated oversized load trucking companies in Australia, we are backed up by a reliable team of freight management experts who know the art of transporting goods from one state to another in a fully trackable and organised fashion.

Be it the movement of an ugly freight with an awkward size or the safe delivery of dangerous/hazardous goods, we can handle everything professionally so you focus more on crucial business operations and worry less about logistics. Moreover, we serve Australia-wide, need no fixed contracts and offer same-day interstate freight quotes!

Now, when using us for pallet transport from Sydney to Brisbane, it’s normal for you to expect that the goods you are sending must arrive in the same condition at the other end. Thus, we recommend you keep the following aspects in mind for a rewarding interstate freight transport experience:

Check Your Dimensions

It’s important to note that palletised goods come with height and width restrictions. For a standard pallet transport from Sydney to Brisbane:

  • Maximum height is generally 1.8m (Contact our team if you want us to handle a pallet that exceeds the maximum pallet height)
  • Maximum width is 1.2m x 1.2m – narrower pallets can be transported without an issue.

Secure Your Pallet

Pallets are often wrapped in plastic to protect them from light rain showers and other climate-related factors. However, this has nothing to do with the safety of items stacked on the pallet. To ensure smooth delivery of palletised goods, strapping is advised as it secures the freight and minimises the potential risk and degree of damage.


Aiming to transport multiple items at one go? Or, do you want to move something that must be packed together and transported with great care, like a motor or gearbox? Well, in such cases, we advise you to connect with our interstate freight transport specialists and discuss the possibility of crating your freight.

A shipping crate is like a wooden box with a strong base, four walls and a lid on the top. You can get all your items stored securely within the crate, which then can be strapped onto a truck for safe shipping of high-volume goods. In addition to damage resistance, crating also protects your goods from dust and harsh climatic conditions.


Skids are pallets that can be tailored to fit under your freight, making forklift loading and unloading a stress-free affair.

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