Pallet transport for all shapes and sizes, local and interstate delivery

If it’s too big, too heavy or too many for a box, you’ll need to send it on a pallet.

You want to make sure that whatever your sending ends up in the same condition at the other end. If using pallets, there’s some information that you need to know

Make sure your dimensions are correct

There are height and width restrictions to palleted goods.

For a standard pallet:

  • Maximum Height is generally 1.8m but we can handle pallets greater
  • Maximum width is 1.2m x 1.2m. You can source narrower pallets without issue. However, the widest your pallet can be packed and transported is 1.2m.

Make sure your pallet is secure

You’ll often see pallets wrapped in plastic.  This is to protect them from light rain showers only. It is not to secure the goods to the pallet, which should be done using straps. Make sure you minimise delays and damage to your freight by always strapping your pallet when necessary, using two straps as a minimum.


Have you got multiple items to move at once? Or maybe something that needs to be packed securely for transport e.g. a motor or gear box? We suggest you speak to us about crating your freight.

A crate is any sized or shape container with a base, four walls and a lid. By enclosing your goods in a crate, it can be strapped securely onto a truck, without risking the straps damaging it. Crating your freight also makes it more resistant to climate conditions including rain, heat and dust


Fabricated to any shape or size, skids are pallets that are built to fit securely under your freight, making it easier to load and unload with a forklift.

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